Toddler Education Program

By now your toddler is walking steadily and is r eady to explore the world around them. This is an important year for your child in terms of expanding their language and developing a sense of self and independence. Our program will offer your child many opportunities to grow and develop social, cognitive and physical skills.

These skills are developed through singing, music, art, story time, and sensory activities. Routines are still a very important part of the toddler curriculum. Eating, diapering and dressing are important learning experiences. Physical contact and attention are a vital part of the toddlers day.

Parent Provided Supplies

  1. Pillow
  2. Blanket
  3. Diapers
  4. Extra Clothes

Center Provided Supplies

  1. Meals (breakfast, lunch and snack)
  2. Juice and Milk (2% or whole)
  3. Wipes

Daily Schedule

The child’s daily schedule can vary and will be posted in the classroom.

Parma Heights: