Infant Education Program

Selecting a daycare for your infant is going to be the hardest decision you will ever make. Our infant program is planned around security and trust through love, comfort, consistency and bundles of hugs. Our program is individualized to meet each child’s needs and planned activities help foster growth and development. Daily routines are  a very important learning experience in the infants day.

Each caregiver develops a special bond with the children and becomes acutely aware of their signals and will meet their needs quickly. The program is designed to provide as much teacher/child contact as possible. Infants are held during bottle feedings and we encourage independence by allowing infants to feed themselves when table food is introduced.

Mobile infants are allowed to move around the room freely and infants that are unable to move on their own are stimulated by changing their environment around them and/or their position. Our classroom is equipped with stimulating toys and special activities are planned for the infants daily experience.

Parent Provided Supplies

  1. Formula (if choosing to not use the center provided formula)
  2. Two Crib Sheets
  3. Extra Clothes
  4. Pacifier
  5. Diapers
  6. Plastic bottle(s) (no glass, for the safety for the infants and teachers)

Center Provided Supplies

  1. Table Food (breakfast, lunch & snack)
  2. Jar Food
  3. Juice or Whole Milk
  4. Wipes

Daily Schedule:

The infant program schedule is based on the needs of the children.

Each infant’s schedule will be based upon the parents’ wishes.

As your infant gets older, a schedule will be in place that will help them with the transition to the Toddler Program.

Parma Heights: