Real Time Streaming Video

We provide real time streaming video of your child’s classroom to your cell phone or mobile device or desktop. We are one of the few child care centers in the country that allow parents to view their child’s classroom at any time remotely. Our philosophy is that we are an open-door school. We want parents to feel comfortable with their decision to have their child cared for and educated by us. This service is managed by Watch Me Grow, https://watchmegrow.com/  the leader in streaming video for child care centers. This is a secure site where only parents with approved passwords can log on


We offer transportation to and from public schools in Parma and Parma Hts. for our school age children.

Our Philosophy

Precious Angels recognizes children as unique individuals who grow and learn at their own pace. With love and acceptance, our staff will provide each child with age-appropriate activities which encourage the development of cognitive, language, social and motor coordination skills. We recognize the importance of parents as a child’s first and most important teacher; therefore, open communication between staff and parents is an essential part of our program.

Step Up To Quality Rated

All of our centers are rated and accredited by STEP UP TO QUALITY, http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Early-Learning/Step-Up-To-Quality-SUTQ  a program established by the Ohio Dept of Education and Ohio Dept. of Jobs and Family Services. This program serves to improve the care and education of children by requiring rated centers to meet standards of safety and education that are over and above the basic standards required by the State of Ohio. We are required to have better teacher- child ratios, more degreed teachers, improved curriculum, regular assessments of children’s academic and developmental levels, regular reporting to parents of their child’s progress, and 2 Parent-Teacher conferences per year.

Safety Is a Priority

Each center is held to the highest safety and maintenance standards. We have maintained an excellent safety record during our 31 years in business.Our centers are accessible with keypad access and strict daily sign-in and parent/guardian identification procedures.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks

Meals are provided to all children at no additional charge. We follow the nutritional guidelines established by the Dept of Agriculture and we participate in the Ohio Child and Adult Care Food Program.

We Accept County Vouchers

Parma Heights: